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  1.  Process:

    •  Complete the multiple-choice questions after   logging in or signing up.

    •  Schedule an appointment with a Notary through   our website.

    •  Receive an email with the necessary documents.

    •  Follow the Notary’s instructions.

    •  The Notary sends the completed form back to us.

  2.  Benefits and Services:

    •  We provide you with a tailored list of educational information related to benefits and services.

    •  You also have the option to meet a Notary in   person through our website, using the printed   form.

  •   Feel free to follow these steps to get started! 

Please click here once logged in


We diligently strive to uncover optimal benefits    and services for you

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         THE VISION

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  YWOP stands for Yan’s World Of Probability—a realm where even the tiniest probability harbors immense possibility. Our visionary founders have set forth a noble mission: to guide the next major shift of wealth. Their strategy? A harmonious blend of simplicity, legality, and strategic finesse. Now, let’s delve into the captivating tale of the image on the left. Imagine brushstrokes dancing across canvas, guided by the hand of our founder. Each stroke whispers secrets of transformation, of metamorphosis. The hand-painted canvas was turned into a unique digital token—a testament to creativity, resilience, and the boundless power of imagination. This token, a beacon in the digital cosmos, carries within it the essence of YWOP Enterprise. It symbolizes not just wealth, but the dawn of a new era!

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